Protect Yourself with Essential Oils vs. Vaccinations

VaccinationDr. D. Gary Young discusses how several individuals have obtained better health by modifying their lifestyles and using essential oils, including a discussion on gaining immunity from disease by strengthening the immune system versus vaccinations.

Topics include:

Crib Death or Vaccine Death?

  • Medical historian, Harris Coulter, Ph.D., estimates that two-thirds of the 10,000 cases of crib death are vaccine related.
  • When Japan moved the vaccination age to 2 years old in 1975, crib death and infantile convulsions virtually disappeared. (Cherry, et al., Pediatrics Supplement, p. 973, 1988)
  • Studies show that children die at a rate eight times greater than normal within three days of getting a DPT shot. (JM Fine, LC Chen, “Confounding in studies of adverse reactions to vaccines”, American Journal of Epidemiology, 136 (1992), pp. 121-35)

Alzheimer’s and Flu Vaccinations

According the Hugh Fudenberg, M.D., the world’s leading immunogeneticist, author of nearly 850 papers in peer-reviewed journals:

  • Individuals who have had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (years studied) have a 10-times higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease than if they had 1, 2, or no shots.
  • When asked why, Dr. Fudenberg said it was due to the mercury and aluminum in every flu shot. The gradual mercury and aluminium build-up in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction.
  • John Hopkins Newsletter Nov. 1998 stated Alzheimer’s incidence would quadruple in coming years. Could flu shots be one reason?
“Mercury is a POTENT NEUROTOXIN … Infants and young children are also very vulnerable to the impacts of mercury because it can AFFECT THEIR DEVELOPING BRAINS.” National Institutes of Health, April 26, 2001
  • Deadly Neurotoxin Mercury Is Still Found In Many Vaccines Including the Flu Vaccine.
  • Mercury Horse Drug Recalled By the FDA. The FDA Protects Horses from Mercury. Why Don’t They Care About Children???

By the age of two, American children have received 237 micrograms of mercury through vaccines alone, which far exceeds the EPA “safe” levels of 0.1mcg/kg per day.

Four days in particular may be singled out as spectacularly toxic for infants:

  • Day of birth: Hepatitis B – 12 mcg mercury (30 times safe levels)
  • Four month: DTaP and Hib on same day – 50 mcg mercury (60 times safe level)
  • Six months: Hepatitis B, Polio – 62.5 mcg mercury (78 times safe level)
  • Fifteen months: 50 mcg mercury (41 times safe level)

“These figures are calculated for an infant’s average weight in kilograms for each age. These one-day blasts of mercury are called ‘bolus doses’. There has never been any research conducted on the toxicity of such doses.” Dr. Stephanie Cave.

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Date & Time: 4th June 2013, 6:15pm to 8:00pm

Place: 97 Samsonvale Road, Strathpine QLD 4500 : View Map (parking: you can pull into the driveway, park along the path in front, or across the street)

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Ledum Essential Oils Young LivingLedum (Ledum groenlandicum) has a long history of use

  • As a tea, ledum provides well-being
  • It is also believed to harmonize and balance the body’s daily needs
  • is a homeopathic remedy that is for reactions to injections
  • Has been used for liver detoxification
  • For children, dilute with V-6 and rub on liver area and liver vita flex points.

Protect Yourself

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